Marriage Records | Dunklin County 1870’s-1940s

In the same spirit as my census record spreadsheet I have created a list of Copeland marriages in Dunklin County, using the “Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002″ database at I believe there is some overlap with the “Missouri, Marriages, 1750-1920″ database at FamilySearch, which is free. For the purposes of this table I organized the available data by year, and then broke it down by decade. I think this is more helpful for finding individuals based on a given criteria (such as birth year). I’ve highlighted the known family members in yellow. Some of the names may not be familiar to you, but I will be going into more detail about them at a later date.

Name Spouse Year Date
Obediah Copeland Ellen Timms 1872 12/01/1872
Malisa Coplan Mr William N Hawl 1874 01/01/1874
Obidah Capeland Annea Jackson 1882 07/29/1882
Margaret R Copeland Shelby Prewett 1886 01/04/1886
S F Caplen Leona Turbeville 1888 07/25/1888
Thomas P Copeland Jennie Grover 1888 08/23/1888
Wm H Copeland Matha J Johnson 1889 04/11/1889
J R Capeland Lucy A Hohgüe 1890 09/18/1890
G W Copeland Minnie Graham 1893 11/12/1893
Mrs Nancy A Capeland M H P Ahearn 1894 02/28/1894
Miss America Copelin Mr J R Young 1895 11/21/1895
Miss Dora Coplin J R Whitaker 1898 05/22/1898
Thomas Copeland Miss Clar B Bunting 1899 06/02/1899
Charles W Copeland Miss M B Dalton 1900 09/15/1900
Wm Copeland Miss Dora Powell 1900 12/09/1900
Elizabeth Copeland Joseph Williams 1903 10/21/1903
Miss Susan Copeland Thos H Ballard 1905 11/08/1905
Mrs Ida Copeland Charley Perrigan 1908 05/02/1908
Gay Copeland O E Hamilton 1909 11/10/1909
Bessie Copeland Fred Murphy 1909 11/28/1909
C W Copeland Rosy L Dalton 1909 12/31/1909
Tom Copland Myrtle May Crider 1910 07/03/1910
Miss Ima Copeland Hiram Grimes 1914 07/03/1914
Clumbus Copeland Anna Pearce 1916 09/28/1916
Gladys Copeland R Arthar Loden 1917 09/09/1917
Mrs Martha Coplin Elmer Myers 1918 07/17/1918
Bertha May Copeland James T Sish 1919 02/12/1919
Belle Copeland M V Beck 1925 09/23/1925
Mrs Sarah Belle Copeland Walter Bridges 1926 12/21/1926
Daniel Copelin Mrs Irene Wilburn 1930 05/24/1930
William H Copelin Clara Easterwood 1932 03/18/1932
Euline Copeland Chester Hale 1933 08/05/1933
Ludie May Copeland Freeman Carmack 1933 11/04/1933
H A Copeland Ocie Lee Ransom 1934 01/10/1934
Mrs. Bell Copland J E Lamunion 1934 10/17/1934
Velma Copelin Hubert Seyman 1936 02/22/1936
W O Copeland Imogene Moore 1936 09/12/1936
Goldie Copeland Donald Emmet Meriwether 1936 11/27/1936
Shirley Copeland Oma Prince 1937 03/21/1937
Dewey Copeland Lockie Marshall 1938 10/07/1938
Ivah Copeland Bert Beckley 1939 08/19/1939
S Copeland Elizabeth Miller 1939 09/04/1939
Mrs. Pearl Copeland Chester Morris 1940 05/18/1940
G W Copeland Imogene Wallace 1941 01/04/1941
Augusta Copeland Johnny Owerman 1942 03/09/1942
Vaughn Copeland Royce Phillips 1942 06/06/1942
R C Copeland Rebecca Richardson 1943 06/11/1943

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