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How Are We Related?

As our Facebook group has been expanding as of late, I thought now might be a good time to create a kinship report so that new members can see how they are related to everyone else and vice versa. It’s really VERY simple to figure out.

Step 1: Click here to open the kinship report.

Step 2: Find yourself and then choose another family member from the list. Take note of both of your relationships to Thomas Copeland.

Step 3: Use this widget to find out your “official” relationship!

Select the relationship of each person to their common ancestor.

Person 1:

Person 2:


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Your Cousin,
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Family Group Sheets

Hello Cousins!

I apologize for my absence. I’ve been working on a couple of non-genealogy related things (like cleaning up the basement — oh joy!). I’m writing this post to let you know that I have started adding Family Group Sheets for various Copeland ancestors to the “Research” page. The Family Group Sheets are very basic overviews that have been compiled from my ongoing research and should certainly not be taken as gospel truth. As I learn more, I will update them accordingly.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Your cousin,
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Welcome Copeland Cousins, one and all!

It’s nice to meet you! My name is Kelli (Copeland) Wilson, and I am the granddaughter of William Delvie “Bill” Copeland (son of Thomas Copeland and Myrtle Crider). In the hours I have spent researching the Copeland family I have met some new and interesting relatives, including fellow genealogists and even some first cousins I never knew I had! The happiness I felt about finding my kin inspired me to try and make it possible for others to have the same experience.

I also created this site so that I could share with all of you the ongoing genealogical research I am doing about the Copeland family. For the time being I will be working on posting what I know about our Copeland ancestors, but my hope is that my efforts here will encourage other members of the family to contribute their stories, photos, and information, as well. I am in the process of getting all of my images and documents together, so check back often! You can also subscribe to updates to this site by entering your information in the boxes in the sidebar.

The Copeland family is large and ever-expanding, but has sadly become rather fractured, due to geographical constraints and the passing of time. My hope is that this site will be a catalyst for connecting, or reconnecting, with each other.

Your Cousin,
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